Children dinning room

In Mamá Osa we offer 3 daily menus:

  • Infants (including infant formula).
  • Shredding: fruit and vegetable purees, where we add food (chicken, beef, white fish, eggs, legumes, etc.) as we go indicating families, as prescribed by doctor.
  • Complet: (balanced children’s menu).
    Our menus are prepared and supervised by a doctor at least once a year, by the Ministry of Health.

We promote the consumption of healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, to create habits in children.

If you need to give a special diet (lactose, gluten, etc.), in specific cases it is enough to contact you in the morning. If final (allergies or intolerances) is very important to emphasize in the questionnaire and in the initial interview.

We spend a long space meal time, because not only try to create healthy eating habits, but also insist on the forms (posture, use silverware, napkins, etc.).