About us

Mamá Osa is a nursery school (for children aged 0 – 3 years). The objective of our new and attractive educational project is to achieve the happiness and well-being of the children. Our main characteristics are personal treatment and great attention in a pleasant environment.

Mamá Osa was started in 1997 and five years later enlarged its premises. We started off with our wish to educate the children using our own style.
During the years we have achieved our objectives and our children can adapt very easily to school. As a result we have received many congratulations from both private and public school teachers

Our teaching is trilingual (english, spanish and mallorquin), focused on the diversity of cultural integration. But what really characterises us are our qualified staff including a psychological trainer, and teaching staff qualified in infant education and with great experience with children.
The aim of our principales is to orientate the daily development of the children, bearing in mind today’s environment, and the standards, habits, and values required to form a person’s character.

We answer your questions

We are delighted to explain everything you need about Mamá Osa.
If you prefer, you can call us at 971 733 837 or write by pressing the blue button.