First, what we consider most important in Mamá Osa, the basis for achieving any goal is to create and maintain at all times a quiet family atmosphere where children feel very loved and relaxed. In this way, they can expand their reference figures also manifest spontaneously.

As for themselves goals, we will mention a few:

  • Development of autonomy: the child must learn to solve small problems that arise after day, increasingly independent of adults.
  • Acquisition of education standards and hygiene, food, rest, etc.
  • Development of the game, through which acquire multiple learning.
  • Socialization: live in society, communicate, learn to share and respect others.
  • Sensory stimulation: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Especially language development work, through chants, songs, images and conversations. We also attach a significant role to music, with special classes.
  • Motor stimulation: through the psychomotor development work underway, laterality, balance, relaxation, etc. Also eye-hand coordination, dexterity, etc.
  • Construction of identity: recognition of one’s own body (parts and the whole), differentiation between self and others.
    Development of body expression through representation, interpretation and dancing.
  • Mathematical initiation using classifications, sequences, sets and concepts.
  • Enhance the curiosity to discover, explore and experiment.
  • Equality and multiculturalism.
  • Trilingual: Castilian, Spaniard and English. Our intention is that, from infants, children get used to hearing different languages naturally and learn perfect pronunciation.