Our facilities

Our nursery, Mamá Osa, is adapted to the needs of children, as indicated by the relevant legislation, not only the facilities but also all school supplies and play.

Our center consists of 2 separate rooms by 2 large spaces (200 m2), which allow us to separate children by age in all kinds of activities.

We have:

  • Multipurpose room and dining room with groups limited to 1/2 years and 2/3 years areas.
  • 5 air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Psychomotor room.
  • 2 bathrooms child friendly 1/2 and 2/3 years.
  • Large outdoor kitchen.
  • Office space for isolate children when they get sick, until they come to pick them up.
  • 2 reception informational boards and various decorations depending on the time of year or the aspects worked at all times.

In addition, we have all kinds of educational material, we have been collecting over the years which we renewing and increasing day by day.