Unforgettable parties

Find out about our unforgettable parties. Mama Bear celebrated in countless celebrations throughout the course with children:

  • The day of the Virgin.
  • Harvest.
  • The seasons of the year.
  • Colors; red, yellow, blue and green.
  • San Antonio.
  • San Sebastian.
  • Carnival.
  • Father’s day.
  • Easter.
  • Mother’s Day.

In each of these days a workshop with work related to specific topics: flowers, donuts, each season representives and what they mean, varied costumes carnival and the corresponding color on the festival of color, surprises for Dads and moms, crespells, etc.

Special parties

Finally we organize 2 wonderful parties with families:

  • Christmas party
    We welcome dads, sing carols together, comes Santa Claus, he brings surprises and we culminate with a succulent snack where we met and enjoyed by all. Children have their families to the friends and teachers. Parents know each other. Always very nice.
  • Graduation Party
    Children who go to school are given a tribute by the time they have spent in the school. Dress up, sing, dance, etc.
    It’s their day and they pass wonderful. There is a snack for everyone and many surprises every year we organize with more enthusiasm. Usually very favorably surprised and families leave with a very nice souvenir.